October 15, 2009

Peter Fuss - interview

Interwiev with Peter Fuss in The Modart Times - newspaper, which is circling around Berlin
right now.
You can download it as .pdf here

M-City - Factory

Mariusz Waras / M-city + Krzysztof Topolski / Arszyn
Curated by Daniel Muzyczuk
Site specific instalation
24 October - 17 Januar
opening: 23 october 2009 / 7pm
Center of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu Toruń / Poland

The collaboration of a visual artist and an experimental musician has resulted in a most interesting and thought-provoking artistic project. Mariusz Waras and Krzysztof Topolskis spectacular site-specific installation was made specifically to be exhibited in the biggest room at the Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu in Toruń.

Live photo and video here.
In progress:

October 14, 2009

FRM-kid - new walls




Zbiok - new walls

Zbiok & Coxie

Zbiok + FRM-kid + M-city + Otecki - Wroclaw

I dont want to be I am

Lets talk about - Wroclaw


Zbiok & Coxie - Wroclaw BWA

M-city - new walls


Krik - new friends